Thursday, October 6, 2011


There was a dream
I once had
It was vibrant
Your poet lips
Had told me
“The wind whisperer
Has come”

You are a moon beam
I am the dew on the ground
You call things to light
While I shine like diamonds
A false glisten
Dry me up
Take me to the sky

We make a good team
If you burn me up
I will understand
If I freeze on you
Turn me into crystal
Call to me
I will come

Block out the harsh sun
I won’t mind
Eternal night
Is our playground
Let me bask in you
And wake up

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Question goes here:

So, I have wanted to try out making a vlog to add to my normal blog. Being an indecisive person I couldn't decide what to make it about so I will leave it up to you guys. Ask me any question and I will answer it 100% honestly on my webcam and share it here with you, and the world.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Born in the 80's

We are the children of children
Born into the decade of decadence
Infused with a sense of wanderlust
Will we ever be content?
Forever chasing a satisfaction
We will never receive
Products of instant gratification
If life will not give us pleasure
Perhaps death will.

Still Ill

There is a black hole in my chest
No sound escapes
It makes my heart beat faster
Your cotton candy fingertips
Sticky, sweet
Pried by ribcage open
To take a peek inside
Leaving sugar deposits in my flesh and bones
You left me wide awake
And as I looked at you
My stomach dropped
I can barely breathe
Nothing escapes the black hole in my chest

And we dream

There were things I tried to tell you
But when I opened my mouth
You pushed in your splintered fingers
Like tongue depressors
I choked on my spit
And as if by instinct
You slid those wooden fingers out
To grab my face
What did you see in the mirrors of my eyes
That made you so angry?
I know that you intend to burn me down
Why hesitate to light the match?
"You are fire."
"You are fire."
"You are fire."
I heard you sing
"Then I must be wood."
We share that same tone
A sing-song excitement
Sometimes it made me sick
Mostly, it broke my heart
And now, I can see why you have set me aflame
Because when you sound like that
I want to kill you too.

My hair was free

You seem to follow me everywhere
You drag your roots across the ground
I look back to see you there
But you never make a sound
Although we could feel the end was near
We kept on going round
Like a chasing cartoon character
That moment before they look down
"Did you ever write that book?"
You shout, way far off from behind
"Not until you paint your masterpiece."
Our failure is a tie that binds
Once I tried to lose you
But left a ribbon for you to find
I blame my inability to follow through
I can never finish

Thursday, March 17, 2011


I promised my friend that I would write something today. So this is what I have so far sans editing, or finishing really

There is a silence
That rumbles through the city
Never staying in one place
Prefacing the act of violence
Between hushed breaths
The intake between cries
And in moments of laughter
Silence is intimate
A secret glance, an internal boiling rage
Ingest the silence
Like the memory of a kiss
Long-lost and eternal

I'm not sure if I like it much. If you are reading this feel free to critique me.